Day 4 - Jerusalem

About 7:30am - in old Jerusalem, fresh bread with ground herbs & coffee
The Temple Mount
Entered through Arab security right beside the Jewish, we had to walk up a ramp to the Temple Mount

[old cleansing area before entering the temple to pray]
[the Golden Dome of the Rock]

[a photo of the group photo]

[the Eastern Gate - existed in Jesus' time]

[The acoustics where amazing in this church. So the thing to do was to sing, of course :-).
When we started to sing the presence of God was so strong many began to weep.]
Walk through old Jerusalem
~Via De La Rosa~
The path of the "stations of the cross".
Each station represented an event surrounding Christ's crucification.
[yes this was Catholic]

[one of the stations - Crown of Thorns Church]

[walk, walk, walk]

The Temple Institute
Where we able to view some of the furnishing waiting
to be installed in temple when the Jews reclaim the Temple Mount.
[model of King Solomon's Temple]
[model of King Harod's Temple
this would have been what stood in Jesus' time]

The Kidron Valley
We were able to walk down this valley Jesus walked through many times.

[goats grazing]

[yes the same goats that were grazing, we meet again]
[our very own photo-journalist ;-)]